BUDDKA (buddka) wrote,


Douglas Coupland:
In general, most biographical material about me on the Internet is seriously flawed, if not outright wrong, and I know other writers are experiencing the same problem with their own data - so it must be something to do with the way Google and Yahoo squeeze information and make it do odd tricks. Sometimes I'll be introduced onstage at book events by a speaker saying, "Mr Coupland is German and once did an advertisement for Smirnoff vodka. He collects meteorites and lives in Scotland in a house with no furniture."
I know. What are you supposed to say when you hear something like this? I hope this new bio page will hopefully rise to the top of future Google searches.

  • опять

    Будка в снова деле!

  • 18/02/2010

    Приходите завтра в МЕСТО. Будем рады видеть!

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